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CUET Twice In a year:


UGC [University Grants Commission]:- UGC President Jagdish Kumar said that, “NTA have to think about to conduct the CUET twice in a year. There is no question from class 11th syllabus.

On Tuesday, The UGC President inform the media in a interview that in 2023 NTA wants to conduct CUET twice in a year and there is no single question from class 11th.

CUET will include only 12th class syllabus there in no question from class 11th. It fully based on class 12th.2023 NTA wants to conduct CUET twice in a year. There is no any adverse effect on Board Students, we will give equal opportunity to every students.

It may be decides to take admission in higher private university by CUET. Through this year admission in Central UG Universities is based on CUET instead of cutoff/ merit list. There are total 45 Central UG Universities in which CUET is mandatary to take admission in UG courses.

Registration For CUET

Registration Start 2nd April 2022
Last Date 30th April 2022

In this year CUET will be conduct only one time but in next year that is 2023 NTA wants to conduct this twice in a year. It is not limited till central universities  it would includes private universities. Students can take admission only through CUET result ranks.

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